Embassy of Portugal in Colombia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Who we are

gsa  Ambassador: Gabriela Soares de Albergaria (bogota@mne.pt)

foto carla castelo  Political Counsellor and In charge of the Consular Section: Carla Castelo (carla.castelo@mne.pt)

aa1 AICEP delegate and Economic and Commercial Counsellor: António Aroso (antonio.aroso@portugalglobal.pt)

foto pedro rapoula  Cultural Attaché: Pedro Rapoula (pedro.rapoula@mne.pt

foto lara  Cooperation Attaché: Lara Ramusga (lara.ramusga@mne.pt)

cmg tome ezequiel  Military Attaché: Capitão-de-Mar-e Guerra Tomé Palhas Ezequiel (adidodef.madrid@emgfa.pt) (non -resident)


Consular Section and Visa: Lina Cortes (sconsular.bogota@mne.pt and vistos.bogota@mne.pt)

Technical  Assistant/ Accountant: Ana Ribeiro (anarita.ribeiro@mne.pt)

Public and Press Relations: Sarah Quina Silva (sarah.silva@mne.pt)

Trainee PEPAC: Daniel Correia (daniel.correia@mne.pt)