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C amões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P. promotes, externally, the Portuguese language and culture by establishing programmes to support the creation of Portuguese chairs and departments or equivalent structures in foreign universities and schools and to support teachers local hiring and by promoting, coordinating and developing Portuguese language courses and other cultural subjects, and coordinating the activity of the Portuguese Lectors.


Camões IP has supported the creation and is responsible for 37 “catedras” in foreign universities that assure the investigation and teaching in multiple disciples and multidisciplinary areas, namely linguistics, literature and other arts, history and post-colonial studies. The main focus of these “catedras” is to expose the status of Portuguese as a language of science.

In Colombia:

catd fp bogota

Cátedra de Estudos Portugueses Fernando Pessoa

Universidad de Los Andes

Created in 2011
Responsable: Jerónimo Pizarro

Professor: Cândida Ferreira

Ciudad Universitaria – Humanidades y Literatura

Calle 18A, n.º 0 – 19 Este (Bloque ÑE)

Bogota, D.C.

Tel: +571 339 4949

Fax: +571 332 4354

e-mail: j.pizarro188@uniandes.edu.co

Internet: http://catedrapessoa.uniandes.edu.co/; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catedrapessoa

The “Cátedra Fernando Pessoa”, created in Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes) in 2011, and inaugurated in 2012, is integrated in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The initial investigation lines of this “cátedra” are: Modern and Contemporary Portuguese Literature, contemporary Brazilian Literature, Literary Theory and Textual Critics. It is intended to support teaching and investigation, as well as cooperate with other Camoes IP’s catedras in the world, specially in the American continent.



Camões IP O Camões ensures the teaching of Portuguese language and culture, in universities, in 61 countries, through a network of lectors, in cooperation with 207 universities and international organizations.

In Colombia:

MoU with Universidade de Los Andes
Professor: Pedro Meneses

Universidad de Los Andes - Humanidades y Literatura

Calle 18A, nº 0 - 19 Este (Bloque ÑE)
Bogota D.C.

Tel: +471 339 4949

Fax: 571 332 4354

email: pedro10meneses@gmail.com

MoU with Universidade Nacional da Colômbia

Professor: vacant

Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Carrera 45 N.° 26-85 - Edificio Uriel Gutiérrez
Bogota D.C. - Departamento de Cundinamarca

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