Travelling to Portugal

Entry requirements for Colombian citizens going to Portugal as tourists:

- Passport valid for at least 3 months after your return

- Return airplane ticket

- Proof of adequate financial means for the duration of your stay

- Term of Responsibility – in case you do not possess sufficient financial means, you may present a term of responsibility subscribed by a Portuguese national, or foreign national legally residing in Portugal. The acceptance of such a document depends on proof of financial means of its subscriber, who must accept responsibility for ensuring:

- The stay in national territory

- The costs of departure/repatriation, in case of illegal overstaying

You can find the term of responsibility HERE.

- Proof establishing the purpose of the trip – if it is considered necessary, the Portuguese authorities may request that you present all documentation that may prove the purpose of the trip, for example, hotel bookings, invitation for a meeting, tickets for a show, participation in a fair, etc.

- Medical travel insurance.

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