General Information

The Consular Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Bogota provides services and emergency assistance for Portuguese citizens visiting or residing in Colombia and Ecuador, namely:

- Renewal, replacement or application for a first cartão de cidadão – blue plastic identity card with biometric data on a chip;

- Renewal, replacement or application for a first passport;

- Issue emergency travel documents (temporary passport and single travel document);

- Notarial and documentary services

- Residence certificate, baggage (duty free importation) certificate, proof of life certificate;

- Registration of children born abroad to Portuguese parents (one or both);

- Registration of marriages and deaths;

- Information on travelling;

- Electoral registration and elections;

- Information about military registration. 


- Legalization of documents. Since Portugal, Colombia and Ecuador signed the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, documents legalized by Apostille do not require consular legalization (for more information on how to apostille in each country click on it: PortugalColombia and Ecuador.)

- Update your personal residence on the chip of your identity card for fiscal effects or send requests to the Portuguese Social Security (those matters must be dealt directly with each of those authorities in Portugal.)

- Divorces. Consulates are not allowed to process divorce registrations (article 52nd of consular regulation code). All divorce proceedings taking place in a foreign country involving Portuguese nationals, must be reviewed and confirmed by a Portuguese Court, therefore it is advisable that you contact a lawyer in Portugal to process your divorce so that it can be integrated in your birth certificate and, in that way, your marital status is updated in Portugal.

- Renewal of driving licences.

- We do not issue criminal records (we can only request it to the Portuguese competent authorities. It is however easier for the costumer to request it directly to the competent services in Portugal through a representative or by postal mail).

- Translations (please refer to this web site to check the list of official translators in Colombia).

- Issues related to immigration, visas, residence permits and/or fines for illegal stays in Colombia or Ecuador are not within the competence of any consulate. Those matters are under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the national authorities of each country.

From December 2015, Colombian citizens do not visa to enter the Schengen area for periods of up to 90 days per semester. Therefore, we cannot accept Schengen visa applications from Colombian nationals. We can only accept residence or temporary stay visa applications (work, study, family reunion) from Colombian and Ecuadorian citizens or from any other foreign nationals residing in those countries. For more information on travelling to Europe please click here and here

(Nationals from Ecuador need a Schengen visa. For that matter, Portugal is represented by Spain, therefore Ecuadorian citizens must submit their applications to the Spanish Consulate in Ecuador.)  You may find more detailed information on Consular Services (click here).

It is always advisable that Portuguese nationals in Colombia let us know their emergency contacts (click here). Portuguese nationals visiting Ecuador can contact our Honorary Consulates in that country (click here) to let them know the contacts in case of an emergency. 

In case you are residing in any of the above mentioned countries, you should register at the nearest Portuguese consulate (click here) free of charge.

 What the Consular Section can do in case you need emergency assistance:

  • Issue a provisional emergency travel document in case your passport or any other travel document has been lost or stolen and after your nationality is confirmed and you present a copy of the declaration before the local police;
  • Facilitate the contact with your family, friends or any other person who may help you financially or send you a valid travel ticket;
  • Under exceptional circumstances and after all other options for urgent assistance have been considered and exhausted, we may request your repatriation to Portugal, by sending to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lisbon your signed repayment commitment to meet the expenses of your repatriation due to the Portuguese State;
  • Provide you and your family or friends with a list of local lawyers, translators or physicians, according to your specific needs;
  • Inform your family of an accident (or other circumstances you want them to know) and advice them on how to proceed;
  • In case you are arrested, you may require us to visit you and, only at your request, we can also inform your family of your situation.
  • Provide the necessary and possible assistance to natural (individual) or legal (collective) persons abroad under the national and international laws and regulations.

What we cannot do for you:

  • Release you from prison or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings. In case you need a lawyer, we can always provide a list of local service providers at your request;
  • Investigate a crime;
  • Pay a lawyer or a physician for you;
  • Pay your accommodation, medical, legal or any other expenses;
  • Pay, not even partially, for funerals and or repatriation of deceased persons;
  • Pay for travel tickets, except in very exceptional circumstances;
  • Act as a travel agency, airline company, insurance company or bank;
  • Get accommodation, work or residence permit for you in Colombia or Ecuador


- In case you are mugged, assaulted or otherwise left without any money or belongings, you must first declare the incident to the local police and request a proof of your declaration;

- In case of decease of one or more Portuguese nationals, anyone around should immediately contact the nearest consulate;

- In case you are arrested, detained or charged with a crime, you can insist that the local authorities inform the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate. We will contact you as soon as possible in order to request the same treatment provided to local prisoners, will inform you of the legal procedure to follow and provide the contacts of local lawyers.



The Consular Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Bogota is open to the public Monday to Thursday from 9 am. to 1:30 pm.

If you need an appointment to ask for a Visa, book it at:

If you need to do any other consultar acts (example: passport, cartão do cidadão, notary, etc.) book your visit at:

Please schedule an appointment for each consular service required. In case you need to request more than one consular service, please select “SIM”  in the given option  “PRETENDE UM ATENDIMENTO FAMILIAR PARA ESTE ATO” and select the number of consular services you need (maximum 4).

Before coming we recommend you verify that the day you are planning to come does not coincide with any Portuguese or Colombian bank holiday. In 2019 the Embassy and Consular Section will be closed on the following days:

1 January (Monday)
January 7 (Monday)
March 25 (Monday)
April 18 (Thursday)
April 19 (Friday)
April 25 (Thursday)
May 1 (Wednesday)
3 June (Monday) *
10 June (Monday)
June 24 (Monday)
1 July (Monday)
7 August (Wednesday)
August 19 (Monday)
October 14 (Monday) *
4 November (Monday)
11 November (Monday) *
December 25 (Monday)

* Bank holidays to be taken from the “working hours account”, according to the Work Collective Agreement, (ACT) n.º 3/2015.


This consular section does not accept payments either by cash or cheque.  Consular fees and postal deliveries must be payed by deposit or bank transfer directly into our current bank account nº 11510559 at the GNB Sudameris Bank.

EACH PAYMENT MUST HAVE THE NAME OF THE CUSTOMER WHO REQUIRES THE CONSULAR SERVICE, so that we can relate the proof of payment to the service you requested. Net fees for consular services must be payed free of any other costs that your bank may charge you for transfers or deposits outside Bogota, money exchange, etc. The proof of payment must be presented at or sent to this Consular Section.

In case you require us to delivery documents, we ask you to sign a waiver for any damage or loss ascribable to the delivery service.

Actual costs of delivery services to Ecuador  are $40 USD or $111.525 COP. (Please check this price because it can be altered by the delivery service provider).

 GNB Sudameris Bank near the Embassy:

Verify here the consular fees.


Consular Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Bogota

Calle 99 # 7A-77, Of. 507, Edificio Advance
Bogota – Colombia

Telephone: +57 (1) 3072990

Honorary Consulates:


Honorary consul: Mr. Gonçalo José Zambrano de Oliveira
Address: Calle 38 NA 6N 35 Bodega 6, oficina 6304 
Telephone: + 57 (2) 6592369 / 70
Depends on the Consular Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Bogota

Honorary consul: Mrs. Judith Porto de González
Address: Edificio El Laguito,  Apt 1E.  - El Laguito -  Cra 1A# 1A-21
Telephone: + 57 (5) 6550015; +57 311 6548739
Secretary: Celeine Cardales
Depends on the Consular Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Bogota

Honorary consul: Mrs. María Isabel Zárrate García
Address: Carrera 11 #9ª sur 140, El poblado
Telephone: +57 318 8031457
Depends on the Consular Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Bogota


Honorary consul: Mr. Oswaldo Torres González
Address: Robles 653 y Av. Amazonas, Edf. Proinco Calisto, P. 11, Of. 1109-1112
Telephone: +593 2 2562914 / +593 2 906947
Depends on the Consular Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Bogota

Honorary consul: Mr. António Marques Firmino
Address: Los Ríos 603 y Quisquis
Telephone: +593 4 2293284; Cel. + 593 985546208
Depends on the Consular Section of the Portuguese Embassy in Bogota

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