Recommendations for Portuguese citizens that intend to reside/work in Colombia

We recommend all Portuguese citizens that intend to live and/or work in Colombia to contact the Colombian Embassy in Lisbon (, or the Immigration Services of Colombia ( to get information regarding what are the adequate visas and all the specific requirements and documentation. 

We strongly recommend getting all the information before travelling to this country, namely which documents must be “apostilled” in Portugal, something that has to be done in Portugal before travelling. The “apostile”, formality that certifies the authenticity of public documents, is a procedure that must be done in Portugal, in Procuradoria Geral da Republica (, which is the central/competent authority to issue and verify “apostiles” in Portugal.  

We strongly advise not traveling without the correct information on long duration visas in Colombia, as there are some documents that you can only request in Portugal, and the Embassy of Portugal in Bogota is not the competent authority to give any information regarding visas to Colombia.

Please observe the duration of your visa and avoid entering as tourist if your intention is to remain living in the country.

The criteria for entry and exit, as well as all the procedures relating to long stay visas in Colombia (such as work, study, family reunion), can be applied differently in different entry points or immigration offices in Colombia. However, these procedures are exclusive and discretionary competence of the Colombian authorities, upon which the Embassy of Portugal has no control or influence whatsoever. 

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